Amazing Features With iPhone 4

11878512-iphone-developmentiPhone was initially launched by Apple Inc in the year 2007 and later that the mobile company has released many versions of iPhone with unique features built within. iPhone OS4 is one of the model among the various models of iPhone that launches with new attractive features. This model increased the popularity of iPhone even more.

The Apple Inc has gained significant market share because of its new technology and user friendly mobile devices. It has hundreds of amazing new features in this model like multitasking, folder system and social gaming network. With massive features in iPhone 4 you prepare with the list of apps to be installed in your new device. App development for iPhone is a little difficult and the developer must know the recent trends in iPhone and the basic development skill to develop distinct apps.

Some of the interesting features of iPhone 4 are listed here.

Your device can now multitask after the release of iOS 4.0 version. This allows you to switch from one app to another app where one application is running in the foreground. It will not cause the app to run slow. You can easily access the running application by easily clicking home button which lists all the running applications. You can now chat, answer a phone call and continue back to play the game where you have left in the middle. But this feature is limited to background audio, GPS apps like location changer, VoIP.

The next one is folder system that enables you to create a folder by dragging two icons and thereby you can add more items you want into the folder. You have the option to name it. iPhone 4 does not support to create a folder within another folder

You have the benefits of seeing all your new emails from different accounts displayed in the single list which is also called unified Inbox. You can take the books anywhere using iPhone 4 because it has the iBooks an eBook reader app.