How Google Play Store Makes Competition Tough For Apple App Store?

google-vs-apple-app-storeGoogle Play was initially called Android Market. It is the official store for Google and is powered by Android apps. Just like how App Store is for Apple, Google Play Store is for Google. It is load with content, and the list is constantly expanding. These apps can be installed on your phone or any handheld device. You will find the list vary from country to country. Google is working out on ways to standardize their services globally. This is expected to happen very soon. Google Play Store can be downloaded on any Android device to enjoy your shopping experience. If you are looking for Google Play contact number, Dial2Donate can help you.

Google Play store has to display books, music, movies, and games. It is a one stop shop for all shoppers who want entertainment at the click of a button. Instead of buying apps, movies, games, newsstand, etc. in the Android market is you now purchase 450,000 and more apps from Google Play Store. There are free songs that can be downloaded and shared. You will be surprised at the never ending list of songs available on Google Play Store. Similarly, there are over a million titles to choose from when it comes to movies. When it comes to books, there are over four million selections to buy. You can also rent movies for less and also watch it on any device.

There is no doubt that Google Play is the place to be when it comes to media services. Tech experts have tested the site and have endorsed the hype. The good news is that if the company is proactive in adding more titles in the movies and books section, then they may soon reach the number one position. The best part about the books section is it allows you to download the book and return to the same place after exiting the app. Good news is that it facilitates reading offline. Though there is no pause and play option for movies; the streaming is clear and people are happy about the clarity.

There are promotions also that make their way into the services. There is a promotion called Play Our Favorites, with loads of games and apps available at a throwaway price. Another promotion that has been the talk of the town is the 7 Days of Play, where loads of titles on movies, music and books are available at a fraction of the cost. You can also download your favorite country titles and hip hop titles for less. Blockbuster movies are also available for less, and the same applies to apps.

Now and then new additions to the long list of apps, movies, books, music, and games are added making it highly luring to the customers. Android users find Google Play store their best shopping destination to look out for their favorite titles. Though there is no denying the fact that Apple’s App store makes twice the revenue of Google Play store, yet there is no denying the fact that Android is surely giving tough competition to Apple.